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Here are a few things you may have in mind.....



What are the three most important qualities an illustrator must have in order to succeed?


An illustrator must first of all be very curious, you should always be asking why?. Illustrators also need to have a big appetite, the world changes fast and has so much to offer. And an illustrator should be very open-minded. The solution to a visual problem could be something you would normally never like or be willing to try.


What is more marketable? Decorative work? or Conceptual Work?


It's really about being tuned in to what's exciting in the marketplace. What do you like? What do you read? What sites do you visit? What do you buy? And from that, see what art is being bought. Then that will lead you to the market for you. Our economy changes rapidly and markets for art constantly change! But the cool part is that art is always needed. Manufacturers and art directors NEED your great art!


Do the artist have a favorite medium?


I like the projects where I am hired to come up with ideas for how a project should turn out, and not so much the ones where I am asked to recreate something that I've already done in a slightly different way. I'll take either type of course, but creating something original is always more exciting to me. Those projects are also more beneficial because doing new work helps me grow and learn and get better.



What helps us be more creative?


I like large blocks of time devoted entirely to creating from beginning to end so I can really get into a project and not be easily distracted. Taking breaks is then productive and necessary. I also need to go away from time to time to recharge and energize the soul.Being open to letting unfold & not feeling like there is just one way to approach a project. I also like to listen to music when I work. For specific projects with a definite theme I'll often choose my music that relates in some way. Just helps to get in the zone.

What do you think drives style trends in illustrations?


That's the million-dollar question. I love trend. I love European trend books. I love Pinterest. Trend is a mashup of political, social, economic, and demographic forces in the culture. Often, it has to do with who is the end-user: What demographic is buying the product/book/magazine? What is their vibe and what art do they like? There are mass market trends, indie trends, US trends, UK trends, Asian trends, and so on. There are trend-setters who move away from popular trend and are influenced by their own weird and wonderful passions. Out of that, they create fresh art that's not a rehash of current trend. That's wonderful. I like to rep those folks.

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